BOM Management

Siemens Teamcenter bill of materials management solution allows you to manage your complete BOM in a single environment – from simple structures to complex product definitions. A single source of BOM information and the tools to analyze that information ensures accuracy and completeness for all stakeholders. You can eliminate the need to maintain, combine and verify all the various pieces of BOM information historically stored in separate systems, databases, and spreadsheet. It enables you to manage complex product definitions that include product options and variability. Users can manage families of products instead of discrete product variants, enabling more options without additional effort. Context management ensures individuals and teams are working in consistent contexts – representing the correct product offering, maturity/release level, configuration and processes across the organization. With visibility to clear, current and accurate BOM information, specific to the at-hand tasks of users, you can boost productivity and collaboration.Extend BOM support beyond design and development to include the entire lifecycle of your products. By bridging the gap from design to procurement and delivery, you can reduce errors, scrap, rework and warranty costs. In addition, you can automate the exchange of BOM information throughout the lifecycle, eliminating costly, time-consuming, and error-prone manual entry and translation processes.