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DevOps isn’t a set of tools or products. It’s an approach to operations. It’s a methodology. But, it’s going to require some amazing tools to help bring DevOps to life in your organization. The cloud gives you the network and server infrastructure you need. Tools like Pivotal help you rapidly iterate and coordinate your teams. And, automated server management from companies like JumpCloud can help save time and resources. Managing tens, hundreds or thousands of servers without automation is going to be painful and expensive. There’s just no reason to do it.

Server automation will help with mundane tasks such as adding users, patching your systems, watching log files and securing them among others. There are N number of server management tasks that you need to perform. You need a platform to execute on those tasks quickly, easily, and once. By uniting development and operations teams to automate and standardize processes for infrastructure deployment, you get faster innovation, accelerated time to market, improved deployment quality, better operational efficiency, and more time to focus on your core business goals.

GSR Technologies, Inc. is specialized in implementing SCM and ECM for your business needs. Our Consultants are specialized in the software configuration management and enterprise change management and process. We can customize your software configuration management and maintain your application. We are specialized implementing solution for support of your development of applications geographically. We provide a comprehensive technology to help clients successfully build, deploy and manage mission critical enterprise applications in an open systems environment.


DevOps solutions help you remove bottlenecks in software development to achieve continuous delivery of software-driven innovation. Applying lean and agile principles across the software lifecycle, DevOps addresses culture, process and tools to drive faster innovation and feedback that ultimately improve the customer experience.

DevOps: Enterprise Organization’s Newest Best Practice

DevOps practices are expanding beyond the realm of unicorn start-ups, making their way into the enterprise as large organizations look for faster, more efficient and reliable ways to get code fromcommit to customer. We recently sponsored a research study surveying 1,425 enterprise IT and business executives from around the world to learn more about their DevOps plans, practices and expectations.