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Engineering Process Management

Enginering Management

Siemens Teamcenter’s engineering process management solution allows you to integrate your global engineering teams by bringing together the product designs from all your sites within a single product data management (PDM) system. You can capture, manage and synchronize product design data, then automate your engineering change, validation and approval processes. It can manage data from all major CAD systems, so you don’t need to translate CAD data. Teamcenter converts multi-CAD data into the CAD-neutral JT format automatically, so it is transparent to users. You can bring parts from different CAD systems into a visual mockup, where you can visualize, probe, and section, analyze and mark them up. Its digital validation capabilities allow you to aggregate design changes continuously. With digital mockup always on, you can see design changes in real-time. Your designers can validate their changes, not only in the current configuration, but against every configuration. Its automated workflow capabilities allow you to execute change processes that provide all product development stakeholders with instant access to necessary data. You can communicate and evaluate the impact of proposed changes with Teamcenter’s comprehensive configuration management capabilities.

Content and Document Management

Project Managemtn

SiemensTeamcenter capabilities for content and document management bring the authoring process into the same PLM environment that manages the overall product development process. Whether you are creating simple, but important, business documents or generating complex service manuals, authors can stay in-sync with product content and changes, so you can produce more accurate and higher quality documents while remaining on-schedule and on-budget. The central PLM system transcends traditional organizational and process boundaries involved with document management and technical publishing software. Teamcenter includes your company’s authors within the same collaborative, knowledge management environment used for product development. Authors can participate in the same processes, such as change management and product launch, to ensure the whole product package comes together on-time and on-budget.

BOM Management

BOM Management

Siemens Teamcenter bill of materials management solution allows you to manage your complete BOM in a single environment – from simple structures to complex product definitions. A single source of BOM information and the tools to analyze that information ensures accuracy and completeness for all stakeholders. You can eliminate the need to maintain, combine and verify all the various pieces of BOM information historically stored in separate systems, databases, and spreadsheet. It enables you to manage complex product definitions that include product options and variability. Users can manage families of products instead of discrete product variants, enabling more options without additional effort. Context management ensures individuals and teams are working in consistent contexts – representing the correct product offering, maturity/release level, configuration and processes across the organization. With visibility to clear, current and accurate BOM information, specific to the at-hand tasks of users, you can boost productivity and collaboration.Extend BOM support beyond design and development to include the entire lifecycle of your products. By bridging the gap from design to procurement and delivery, you can reduce errors, scrap, rework and warranty costs. In addition, you can automate the exchange of BOM information throughout the lifecycle, eliminating costly, time-consuming, and error-prone manual entry and translation processes.

Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Portfolio Management

Siemens Teamcenter allows your company to connect its strategic product portfolio plans to project and program management for detailed operational execution. Teamcenter’s portfolio management solution maximizes your R&D investment returns by continuously governing the selection of the right mix of investments. By looking at R&D as a whole, Teamcenter defines a product portfolio management strategy that guides your overall priorities and planning.Once the portfolio management strategy is defined, Teamcenter’s program and project management capabilities help you organize resources and drive activities to dramatically improve performance. By executing projects against clearly defined goals, your teams can better coordinate their resources to meet the strategic needs of the company. By increasing program visibility and synchronizing activities, you can drive performance and profitability, and increase the overall return on your R&D investment.