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Essentials for Excellence in Electronics and Semiconductor NX for Design

Explosion of electronic devices challenge NPDI processes
Be more innovative during product design and development while getting to market faster, with fewer prototypes and at lower costs.

Be more innovative with your product design efforts with flexible, intuitive concept design. NX has all the flexibility and shape creation tools of niche Industrial Design applications. But we’re integrated. NX is not just great for creating a pretty picture. NX concept design capabilities yield high quality surfaces that are totally usable throughout the complete product design and development process.

NX delivers true design flexibility mixing solid modeling and surface modeling into a single environment allowing the designer the power and flexibility he needs to get his job done. In addition to this, NX offers the power of parametric modeling along with the freedom of direct modeling (Synchronous Technology) in a single environment, once again delivering a solution that does not force a designer to compromise on the design. This flexibility also enables users to work with geometry regardless of its origin, supporting supply chain strategies where data can come from a variety of CAD systems.

Because electrical, electronics, and mechanical components are typically developed by separate teams using different design tools and methodologies, companies developing products often face critical problems with integrating and coordinating product development — and keeping different versions of components in “synch” and maintaining interfaces is costly.

With the industry’s broadest suite of integrated, fully associative CAD/CAM/CAE applications, NX touches the full range of development processes from concept design and styling, detailed design, simulation, drafting and documentation and CAM.

The keys to maximizing the value of simulation applications are to use them both as early as possible and then throughout the development process. To this end, Siemens PLM Software offers a comprehensive suite of simulation solutions designed to meet the needs of multiple users within any Engineering enterprise.

Companies need to re-use data instead of re-creating it. Countless hours of design time can be saved with re-use strategies and capabilities. With ready-to-use standard parts libraries and a 3D graphical search engine to rapidly track down parts similar to a given example, NX helps you leverage information from past Electronic Products Design projects. NX offers your product design and development efforts a distinct advantage.

NX™ is a digital product development system that helps get the right electronics product design to market faster.
NX can help you:

  • Create more innovative product designs.
  • Reduce engineering time and get a better product to market faster.
  • Reduce rework costs, along with fewer physical prototypes.
  • Provide overall cost reduction by re-using more of your existing data and designs.