We are specialized in Different IBM Technologies which provides Integration of different Systems including Cloud, B2B and ETL using  BPM, WebSphere Message Broker, IBM Integration Bus, WebSphere Cast Iron, IBM Sterling Integrator and IBM datastage, We are also well experienced in providing Webservice security and  data transformations using IBM Datapower appliances(XI50 and XI52).

IBM WebSphere refers to a brand of computer software products in the genre of enterprise software known as “application and integration middleware “. These software products are used by end-users to create applications and integrate applications with other applications. IBM WebSphere has been available to the general market since 1998.

IBM introduced the first product in this brand, IBM WebSphere Performance Pack, in June 1998.  As of today this original component forms a part of IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, which itself is one of many WebSphere-branded enterprise software products


WebSphere Portal Enable: Is built on the IBM WebSphere Portal Server and features integrated web content management capabilities that help enable rapid website generation.

WebSphere Portal Enable for z/OS: Allows you to share, view and organize documents and spreadsheets within the portal environment. Designed specifically for the IBM z/OS® platform, it offers an expansive set of portal services.

WebSphere Portal Express: Is the small-to-midsize business edition of WebSphere Portal Server. It provides an expansive set of portal services for organizations with fewer than 1,000 users.

WebSphere Portal Extend: Combines features of IBM WebSphere Portal Enable with enhanced collaboration features. It provides shared workspaces that allow you to collaborate and exchange ideas on projects for improved team productivity.

WebSphere Portal Server: Provides custom-branded, enterprise portal capabilities that help companies deliver a highly personalized, social experience for their customers.

WebSphere Portal Server Hypervisor Edition: Provides preinstalled, preconfigured images of IBM WebSphere Portal Server to automate provisioning of web experience solutions in a private cloud.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Process Management (BPM) software and services improve the visibility and control of your business processes, helping to ensure that your business operations differentiate you from your competition, deliver the right goods and services, and meet the demand of your customers for consistency and convenience.

IBM BPM provides market-leading capabilities that can help your organization:
Optimize business operations with real-time visibility into work in progress through continuous process monitoring and analytics.
Accelerate task completion through robust collaboration capabilities.
Manage change confidently with intuitive governance.
Deliver more meaningful customer engagements by extending business processes to mobile.
Drive continuous insights into business operations through seamless integration of business processes with core enterprise systems.

BPM is a discipline that leverages software and services to provide total visibility into your organization. Discover, document, automate, and continuously improve business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
BPM is an incremental approach that allows you to quickly prove value with a single project, build competency and skills, and extend across the enterprise.

Start with business value Successful process improvement initiatives start with business value. Organizations must understand the business goals and strategy and analyze their current processes to identify the processes that will deliver the greatest return on investment.

Begin with a short-term, initial project
Process improvement initiatives must deliver some quantifiable successes or stakeholder commitment and project funding can dry up. By starting with a manageable project you can development process improvement skills, and deliver value to the business quickly, ensuring commitment, funding, and success of subsequent projects.

Extend process improvements across the business
Once you have successfully completed an initial project, then you can start expanding to additional projects, leveraging and sharing your expertise along the way to truly build a process improvement program within your business.

Main Products

  • WebSphere Application Server - a web application server
  • IBM Workload Deployer – a hardware appliance that provides access to IBM middleware virtual images and patterns
  • WebSphere eXtreme Scale – an in-memory data grid for use in high-performance computing
  • WebSphere Message Queue - a Message Oriented Middleware

Mobile Development and Connectivity

All products – Mobile Development and Connectivity

Mobile application development

  • IBM Mobile Portal Accelerator
  • Rational Application Developer
  • for WebSphere Software
  • Standard Edition
  • Rational Business Developer

Mobile integration of data and applications

  • IBM Connections
  • IBM Sametime
  • IBM Web Experience Factory
  • Lotus Notes Traveler
  • WebSphere MQ
  • MQ
  • Telemetry
  • IBM Blueworks Live
  • IBM Operational Decision Manager
  • IBM Business Monitor

Featured BPM software products

  • IBM Blueworks Live
  • IBM Operational Decision Manager
  • IBM Business Monitor

Mobile Management and Security

All products – Mobile Management and Security

  • WebSphere DataPower Service Gateway XG45
  • WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances