Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Computing

Social Mobile Analytics and Cloud Computing, new trends in the Information Technology. The emergence of new technologies over the past few years has resulted in a transformational change in the world around us. From the rise of social media with it’s over 1 billion subscribers worldwide, to the ubiquitous spread of mobile phones and the resulting explosion of big data and big analytics, the world around us is changing faster than any one of us could ever imagine. Add to this the ever expanding presence of cloud computing in our life, and we’re probably witnessing the zenith of the technological age.


A social media strategy has become a must for all enterprises, be it banks, retailers or the government. With over one billion individuals logged on to various social networks, people are now using social media for advice on what products to buy, where to shop and even regarding what firms they want to work with. While most enterprises use social media for their customer service function only, many firms have now started using social media in tandem with their sales and marketing functions. This in turn enables firms to use data generated by the customers effectively to service their larger pools of customers.

  • Over 1 billion social media subscribers globally
  • Already disrupting traditional models of marketing and selling
  • Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin among the most popular social media firms


Mobile devices have changed the way people access digital content. Smartphones and tablets have brought rich, digital content to the fingertips of consumers. Mobile banking has emerged as one of the most innovative products in the financial services industry. Shoppers are increasingly using their mobile devices for everything from browsing to comparing to buying products. Governments are also reaching out to their citizens, using mobile devices as an efficient channel. Enterprises must also jump on to the mobility bandwagon, and ensure that their applications are mobile ready.

  • Industry is shifting from the PC/laptop to mobile devices
  • 4.5 billion mobile subscribers globally; nearly 900 million in India alone
  • The spread of affordable 3G and 4G networks driving the growth of mobile apps


Every year, companies and individuals generate billions of gigabytes of data. Data, which properly analyzed and used in time, can emerge as an unbeatable competitive advantage. Enterprises need to recognize the prospect analytics represents and should adapt their IT strategy to capture such opportunities’. Analytics can help retailers predict buying decisions of shoppers; it can help banks weed out fraudulent transactions; while governments can use analytics to provide services directly to their citizens. Predictive analytics has also been adopted across industries in various scenario building activities.

  • Every year, companies and individuals generate billions of gigabytes of data
  • Companies which analyze and glean insights from this data can emerge as leaders
  • Holds tremendous potential across industries like financial services, retail and pharma


The undeniable power of cloud computing to foster innovations and improve productivity is now accepted by both IT vendors and their customers. While the financial services and government sectors are mostly moving to a private cloud model due to information security concerns, other industries like healthcare and retail have adopted public cloud. Moreover, their existing infrastructure has helped telecom players to emerge as providers of cloud computing, leading to erosion in boundaries between IT and telecom vendors

  • Has the potential to foster innovations and improve productivity across industries
  • Everything from enteprise applications to our music is now using the cloud
  • Can emerge as a tool for making computing more affordable in the developing world